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Cryptic Brood – Outcome of Obnoxious Science

cryptic brood – outcome of obnoxious science


Imagine this: A dreadful sensation of hopeless poignancy has barraged your existence as you are on the verge of confronting your own demise in an excruciating method.  At a moment like that, what type of harmonies will be triggering your consciousness? Maybe some putrid and horror resonating melodies formed by grimy Death/Doom with sporadic sprinkles of Grindcore here and there? Well, this mesmerizing combination actually describes the sound of German Death/Doom trio Cryptic Brood’s latest record ‘Outcome of Obnoxious Science’. Formed in 2013, Cryptic Brood has been a prolific figure releasing two full-lengths, a demo, an Ep and multiple splits throughout their career. This time their compositional adroitness has reached further level of maturity, showcasing a horrendously rancid musicianship preserving the true old school vibe.

The album offers eleven torturous numbers rounding up to thirty-eight minutes that slowly degenerate your flesh into a completely rotten state. While this happens to you, you smell your own stench of decayed flesh, which eventually turns severely malodorous. Harrowing notes transform your organs into ice-cold decomposed pus, force the bile to come out from your mouth; travelling through your throat all the way from your gut. Reading this nonsense depiction of goriness, don’t get it mistaken with some kind of phoney Death Metal record labelled as Slam Death. This is true old school styled Death Metal which has illustrated its Doom influences from Autopsy and Grindcore influences from Repulsion. There are two different vocal approaches going on here. Besides guttural growls, you will hear agonizing screams that is reminiscent of a human subject of an experiment who is undergoing pivotally painful torture. The more doomish some segments get, the more crucial the pain becomes. Fast-paced playing and slow-paced playing, both form of musicianship is conspicuous amidst the tracks. Listening to the grisly guitarworks it seems like the guitarist must have had a maniacal smile on his face while he was writing them. Pounding of drums mixed with a nasty hi-hat and cymbal sound went remarkably well with the troublesome melodies of the agitating bass-notes. And of course, since this record has grind elements on it you will find little bit of punk vibes too. In conclusion, Cryptic Brood has come up with a dreadfully bludgeoning release that is a positive output of fundamental OSDM worship. (Osmani)