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Anatomia – Corporeal Torment

anatomia – corporeal torment

Japanese dealers in Death/Doom putridity are so prolific in their release rate that I could almost believe the pair of them live in a recording studio and eat nothing but take-away junk food that is delivered in bulk on a weekly basis so as not to disturb the flow of noxious gore soaked filth that they so regularly spew forth into the world. Speaking of noxious, but Noxious Ruin are one of three labels (Along with Dark Descent Records and Me Saco Un Ojo) who released this little beauty, 2021’s ‘Corporeal Torment’, a four track forty minute guide to dissection and putrefaction.

Opener ‘Dismemberment’ is a cavernous sounding ode to speed and deathly growls. Furious fuzz drenched guitar leads, monolithic drum tones and omnipresent bass lines topped off with harrowing growled vocals, all sounding like they were recorded in the back of a cave, just how Death Metal should sound. ‘Slime of Putrescence’ is the exact opposite to the former track, slow and crawling, building slowly and mired in filth and darkness. Slowly Anatomia rise to a crescendo of howling insanity and gore ridden riffs before breaking down once more into slow, crushing tones. ‘Despaired Void’ is a relatively short interlude of charnel suffering, using drawn out prowling vocal work, creeping sinister guitar leads and subtly, yet powerful bass tones to create an air of mocking evil darkness. To close, Anatomia unleash a twenty minute stanza of gore, fear and brooding malevolence that drones and buzzes along at its own laborious pace and bathes your world in sluggish, melodic twilight. Another great release in the pantheon on Anatomia. I expected nothing less. (Luke Hayhurst)