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Dead Void – Volatile Forms

dead void – volatile forms

Next month sees the release of a murky slice of Danish Death/Doom Metal in ‘Volatile Forms’, the debut full length release of Dead Void. Me Saco Un Ojo Records are putting out the 12″ vinyl whilst US label Dark descent are handling the CD release. Dead Void are a band who like to do things the old fashioned way, and so over a number of years they have released solidly consistent demo’s before unleashing the album. Let’s get the weird stuff out of the way first off so we can then cruise on down to the good stuff. The production! Opening track ‘Atrophy’ has a clearer production level than the rest of the album. To be clear, the whole album has a deliciously swampy sound, it just happens to be that the opening song sounds a little cleaner and crisper and the effect when ‘Entrails of Chaos’ kicks in is a little distracting. That’s out of the way, onto the good stuff, and plenty of it there is…

Starting with the previously mentioned ‘Atrophy’ whose brooding, monolithic sound is created through almost drone like riffs, rumbling, snarling growls from vocalist, and a slow pace that crawls and feeds into a claustrophobically intense atmosphere. And then as if a flick has been switched the doom levels recede and the rampaging old school Death Metal kicks in. Further into the album the muffled drumming and furious growls compliment the riffs well in darkening the mood further. For me, the bands true aural cruelty really comes to the fore in ‘Sadistic Mind’ (I suppose the name should have given it away) in which Dead Void showcase their torturous and filth laden abilities. It’s not the perfect album by a long way, but it’s still a festering slab of savage old school Death Metal none the less. (Luke Hayhurst)