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Engulfed – Through the Eternal Damnation

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No, I’m not fuckin’ late, this review is about the tape release by Gravplass Propaganda of the “Through the Eternal Damnation” EP which was released by Hellthrasher Productions in 2012. There are no extra songs or something like that, just another physical format. Engulfed from Turkey play their Death Metal the American way…the obscure and dark way. So at first a band like Incantation will cross your mind…but they also shop a bit of at Old School SweDeath-mart. Not soundwise, but some riffs now and then. Incantation, Immolation, Burial Invocation, Grave Miasma, Morbid Angel. One way or another they can be linked with the blasphemous Death Metal played by Engulfed. The Burial Invocation link isn’t that strange as there are ex-members present within the ranks of Engulfed, as well as members of Deggial and Decaying Purity. Although this is not a total-must-have, it’s certainly a decent release. (Ricardo)