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Spectral Voice – Eroded Corridors of Unbeing

spectral voice – eroded corridors of unbeing

I still remember the last time my expectations were (very) high about an album release. The year was 2016 and I was waiting for the release of Blood Incantation’s debut… One year later, the expectations were even higher with the announcement of the release of Spectral Voice’s debut album on Dark Descent Records. The band from Denver, Colorado (USA), with Paul Riedl / Morris Kolontyrsky on guitars, Jeff Barrett on bass (all three also on Blood Incantation) and Eli Wendler on drums and vocals, already had some official recordings out, starting with their now almost impossible to find demo and promo tapes. One of those tapes, “Necrotic Doom” (2015) had a proper CD (and vinyl too) release by Dark Descent Records (and a tape re-release by Iron Bonehead Productions) which catapulted the band to the ears of the entire metal community. After a couple of splits with Blood Incantation and Phrenelith, the band released their first ever full-length album on October 2017, with the title “Eroded Corridors of Unbeing”. With just five tracks (but with a total length of close to 45 minutes), the album is a hymn to what the fusion between the best death and doom could possibly offer! The suffocating atmosphere involves you from the beginning, with the opening track “Thresholds Beyond”, until the very last second of the album. It seriously feels like I should buy a fog machine and turn it on every time I listen to it! Seriously, this must be one of the top five albums of the year (it is on my personal top 5, at least) and the only thing better than listening to it is seeing it being performed live! Make SURE you don’t miss a Spectral Voice show if you’re lucky enough to have them playing on one of your local clubs. (Antonio)