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Proscription – Conduit

proscription – conduit


Remember Maveth? Sadly they disappeared after a couple of excellent releases.

Even greater the news that they spawned Prosciption. The Finns aren’t wasting time and introduce themselves with a debut album named “Conduit” which should make everyone alert that this is a Death Metal record that shouldn’t be missed.

The dark artwork represents the sound perfectly. You know it’s obscure and cryptic, somehow not friendly, and makes you curious at the same time.

After an eerie introduction the Death Metal hammer clashes upon the unworthy with ”I, the burning Son”. Dark tunes, monstrous vocals and blasting drums. Sometimes fast, sometimes mid-tempo grooves, this is a fantastic start and Immolation will pop up in your mind immediately. Maveth are present, so are Immolation, just straighter and faster than Maveth in overall. “Red Sacrament Black Communion” is another fine example of US-Death Metal, done the Finnish way, dark, punishing, morbid and fucking brutal! Riffs reign supreme, the deep hellish vocals, doubled here and there with those daemonic higher pitched screams are bone shattering. The leadguitar-work well written placed. Death Metal!

Some mid-eastern riffing has been incorporated as well. The creation of melodies and grooves at the beginning of “Radiant Midnight” is superb. It has a mixed feeling of somehow, Bölzer-Immolation-Nile kind of threesome before the vocals kick in, and the ride goes one. This track is evil and a real headbanger. Love the changes and variations displayed by the band. Brutal blasting finish at the end.

I don’t know how the songwriting was done and who contributed this or that, but on “Thy Black Nimbus Gate” you can clearly here some very fresh leadguitar work from the start on which reminds me a lot of Lantern (Cruciatus is also a member of said band). A very versatile track, which although his flowing morphing nature, always remains, and this is an actual force of this record, catchy, listenable and far from boring.

The record continues on a high level with “Voiceless Calling” (Grave Miasma moments, but somehow straighter), “Blessed Feast of Black Seth” (another stellar track, monolithic), “To Reveal the Words Without Words” (what a start, what a heaviness) and the title track “Conduit” (channelling pure darkness!!). Each track can stand alone and also works perfectly as a unit.

Immolation, Arkhon Infaustus, and of course Maveth, are just a couple of bands I’d like to mention to give you an example of what’s to expect, but beware, no copycats here, they found their own mix here and damn, brutal, dark Death Metal of the highest calibre! Another contender for album of the year! (DPF)


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