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Desolate Shrine – Fires Of The Dying World

desolate shrine – fires of the dying world


My first encounter with Desolate Shrine was with their second album, ‘The Sanctum Of Human Darkness’. The band’s dense Death Metal had such a dark and suffocating atmosphere that it clearly brought something new to the table opposed to the more old school styled Death Metal that was booming at those early 00’s. Now we are ten years and three albums on and the musical concept of this trio is still unchanged. Instead, with this new album, ‘Fires Of The Dying World’, the band proves they are on the very right path and have further developed their dark sound.

Besides the fact that the musical direction has remained unchanged, so has the record label involved as Dark Descent Records is still the home for Desolate Shrine. But more importantly, the trio that formed the band in 2010 is also still intact, and they are not exactly the least experienced musicians in the Finnish extreme metal scene. With experience in bands like Lie In Ruins, Sargeist, Perdition Winds, Pestilent Hex, Urn and Embryonic Slumber, we can definitely speak of a very seasoned bunch. That this broad background shines through in the music is of course no surprise, nor is it surprising that the Death Metal does not sound like pure Death Metal but is laced with Finnish styled Black Metal. Not only in the aforementioned dark and oppressive atmosphere, but certainly also in the way the riffs merge with the sharp blast beats and the subcutaneous melodies. In turn, the slower pieces, where acoustic passages are not shunned, have a more Doom/Death Metal atmosphere that give the whole thing an extra dynamic.

Though the music might not be of the highest class when it comes to originality, as Death Metal has been blended with Black Metal elements for decades, its power lies within the almost flawless execution. Add to that a near perfect production and you’ll have that wonderfully vile record that is ‘Fires Of The Dying World’. A title that, just like all the band’s preceding work, just perfectly matches the musical contents of the album. The album indeed feels like a scorched earth, with only the last flames feeding on the embers of this dying world…

Dark Descent Records

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