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Wormridden – Festering Glorification [Demo]

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Do you like dirty, decomposing death metal? Then you have to check Wormridden out, a side-project of members of Anatomia (Japan) and Undergang (Denmark). If you’re familiar with both band’s sound, you already know what to expect with this project. It is a pure manifestation of doomy gore and low tune death metal. After releasing one of the most festering demos known to mankind, they somehow managed to get their trademark sound even more rotten, presenting us with their latest demo, “Festering Glorification”. Be prepared for a couple of slow, rotting death metal songs that will leave you on your knees, asking for mercy, although you will get none! “Festering Glorification” is available on 7” (Me Saco Un Ojo) and cassete tape (Extremely Rotten Productions). (Antonio)