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Third Storm – The Grand Manifestation

third storm – the grand manifestation

Sometimes you have to lay something to the side for a short period time, rethink the steps you took and ask yourself if you have made the right decisions and if you were walking the right path. Or you wait 30 years to resurrect your old band. Third Storm is one of the last category as it has a brief history in the years 1986-1988. They have released 2 demos back then and most of the members didn’t form or join any other bands to continue their musical journey. Only vocalist Heval Bozarslan went on with Sarcasm and was the one, along with guitarist Jimmy Eriksson, to reform Third Storm with new blood again. This time with more experienced members, one of them being Daniel Ekeroth, known for his musical work within Insision, Dellamorte and more recently Tyrant. But ofcourse he most known for his book on Swedish Death Metal.

Alright, I’ve mentioned Swedish Death Metal, this is not getting near that. You will hear straightforward yet variated Scandinavian Black Metal, although you will also hear parts of Blackened Thrash, Doom laden passages and melodic guitar parts. Picture something like Marduk’s “Le Grande Danse Macabre” slow parts, as well as some of their melodic approaches, some old Necrophobic’s “Bloodhymns” melodies and while you’re at it, add some Allegiance as well with hellish vocals in the, and there is the Marduk link again, Legion-style. To top it off; the German old Teutonic scene.

As you can read, I hear a lot and I like it…yet I do miss the final punch as not all is in cohesion with each other. But that all can change with their next album…nevertheless a good album for sure. (Ricardo)