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Ghoulgotha – The Deathmass Cloak

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W. Sarantopoulos aka Elektrokutioner is almost the Rogga Johansson of the United States, so many bands and projects (Decrepitaph, Ecoffination, Father Befouled and Festered to name a few). This is the debut full-length after releasing a demo, EP and a split with Into Darkness. Ghoulgotha is all about 1990s Death/Doom but have some experimental twists others mostly don’t have. It can start with influences from the early UK Death/Doom scene or Incantation and suddenly it gets all Pan.Thy.Monium or Demilich on your ass. Twists and Dissonance. Definitely not for every Doom/Death adept, check out the track “Austere Urns” before you decide to buy it. (Ricardo)