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Eternal Solstice – Remnants of Immortality

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Back in time The Wish is the Father of the Thought, was one of my favorite albums, so ofcourse I was very curious about the new Eternal Solstice album, due to be released this year. And there it was…the artwork was cool and promised a continuance of were Eternal left of, so I believed. They start with an intro like you’d expect on a death metal record, okay, so far so good, an instrumental to start with?? okay, it is forgiven because it gets you curious for the rest. At first thought: it is darker, or perhaps I have to say, heavier? hmm, I think Ramon S ( vocals / guitar ) says it best himself, it is more mature, okay I can relate to that. It is still heavy as hell, dark and for sure old skool, but with a grown up moisty mist over it, and the melodic parts are a welcome bridge over the thundering waters of aggression. The vocals did survive the sands of time perfectly, more than that, Ramon even sounds more aggressive and heavy as he did before, he growls with an attitude of warning in his voice, it keeps you on edge for the next line, for the next song, it’s magnetizing. For the music it’s the same, next to the melodic passages it is still heavy, groovy and high tempo death metal the way it should be, each song makes you curious about the next, and you won’t get disappointed. The way they build up the tension is well done, at the end (Subconscious Burial Ground) you want to play the whole damned thing again, and makes yoy want to go and see them live…The plans for a next album are already made, this time with the current line up, so not just Misha and Ramon, I am very eager to hear what that will bring, for this one I can only say Hell Yeah, Eternal Solstice is back and will still kick your lazy ass. (Doc H.)

Eternal Solstice

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