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Grave Ritual – Morbid Throne

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US Death Metal maniacs of Grave Ritual strike back again this 2015 with their 2nd album after a very successful debut “Euphoric Hymns from the Altar of Death” released in 2010 also by Dark Descent Recs. This time I must say that things have changed a bit…for example I feel songs are slower and for that reason…more obscure and creepy in comparison to its predecessor. The music continues within the same vein, I mean, obscure and devilish old school death metal but this time I’d dare to say with better sound, where the different elements are a bit clearer, which is good because that was my main problem with the preview album. The whole release has 9 tunes, most of them between 2-3 mins long, so the entire album consists of barely half hour long, wish they could have included some more songs considering there have passed 5 years since their latest release…but this is up to them. One thing that captured my attention were certain moments when the music goes from a very chaotic approach and suddenly stops by to let one guitar alone performing a riff and gradually the rest of the instruments jump in exploding at the end…good example of this is the 5th Track “Tyrant’s Hammer”…also not to forget those wicked guitar solos…pretty spontaneous and rabid, very much in the vein of Dark Throne “A Blaze…”. So as a matter of wrap up…I think this album shows a more mature band, better compositions, better sound and confirmation of their concept as an evil and obscure performers of Death Metal…wish some more music, that would be only complain…but besides of that…I feel this is a really good album worth of your money, especially if you loved their debut. (Master Butcher)