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Hyperdontia – Deranged [EP]

hyperdontia – deranged [ep]


Sometimes as a serious or even casual fan of music (and more oftenly with a person who reviews albums, much like many of the writers here I’m sure), when you just put on an album you have never heard before from a band you have not checked out yet and it just feels like home. Goosebumps inducing. Sure, I’ve heard / read of Hyperdontia before but with the amount of stuff I listen to in my own personal rotation, and the albums / EPs that I review here at VM-Underground, it gets hard to get to everything that I would like to. Thankfully, I get the chance to check Hyperdontia out now and review their newest EP in ‘Deranged’ here. And as I mentioned already above, ‘Deranged’ sounds like home to me.

This international (Denmark and Turkey) Death Metal band have been around for a bit already, since the year 2015. And they already have a slew of different releases before this one, singles, splits, compilations, a couple full-lengths and EPs, with ‘Deranged’ here being the newest of them all. So to say, if you are new to the Hyperdontia camp, like I am, and find out you really like them, like I did, then there is a lot to go back and listen to. Which to me is a good thing but first let us concentrate on the true task at hand and let us talk about ‘Deranged’.

So with all of that I bet you are wondering what this thing sounds like. Well, it sounds/feels like home, duh, I said that already. But that’s not really fair to all of you reading this, so I will try to describe Hyperdontia’s sound in the easiest way I could think, comparisons. And I would have to say that the easiest and most known comparisons I could use would be like Dead Congregation or Incantation with some touches of Morbid Angel here and there. Three of my all time favorite Death Metal bands are the comparisons I used, which completely makes that home feeling so understandable.

With ‘Deranged’ you get four tracks, just over seventeen minutes worth of some of the highest quality Death Metal you could ask for, home. With savage, cavernous aggression covered in a thick, murky, enveloping atmosphere and a true understanding of songwriting combined with the technical/musical chops to pull it all off. Honestly it is everything you are looking for and truly need when looking for extremely high quality, well written and downright fucking killer Death Metal.

So in the end, do you want to go with something new and different just for the sake of different? Or do you want the crushing comfort of home? Me, I choose Hyperdontia’s ‘Deranged’, I choose home.

Dark Descent Records

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