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Lantern – Dimensions

lantern – dimensions


Fucking Lantern! One of my favourite Death Metal acts from Finland are back with their 3rd full length and I am not disappointed (of course not?).

Can you imagine a band that sounds like Morbid Angel, Ripping Corpse and Stargazer without sounding like those 3 bands? (confused?).

Lantern grabbed me right from the begining. I remember listening to their first outputs, namely “Virgin Taste Of Damnation”, “Doom Scawls”, “Subterranean Effulgence” and the stellar debut “Below”. The use of not so common scales in Death Metal, paired with excellent song writing skills, memorable songs and haunting recognizable vocals sets them apart from the masses. In 2017, 10 years after their formation (after the split of Cacodaemon, great as well) the 2nd album “II: Morphosis” saw the light of day and pushed the band even further, experimenting structure wise, always being able to write interesting landscapes and channel otherwordly riffs and sounds.

Now, “Dimensions” is the right continuation on the stellar flight, still pulling off those killer riffs, not of this earth, with some David Vincent/Rayner Coss like vocals with  reverb from outer space and battles against aliens, monsters and other dimensional things (sometimes some exaggeration is necessary haha). The leads are never out of topic, always placed well and a necessary addition to the songs. The groove, the speed, the atmosphere, all in one, well alternating and never out of place. With “Monolithic Abyssal Dimensions” there is even a 14 minutes long space trip you won’t miss. Psychedelic, proggy, dimensional! One of the best songs in 2020 for sure.

Dan Lowndes did a great job with mix/master this record and Timo Kokko provided the fitting artwork (they always had great artworks, my fave is still “Below”).

“Dimensions” is exactly how the title suggests. You will fly in a spaceship through multiverses, sometimes through portals, sometimes by intoxicating plants or through spells. The 3rd full of a band is always considered as the holy grail, hit or miss and important milestone for the continuation of the career. Myth or fact, Lantern delivered, make sure to grab this thing, Death Metal reigns supreme! Hope the postponed tour wont wait for too long. (DPF)


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