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Ataraxy – Where All Hope Fades

ataraxy – where all hope fades

Exactly 10 years after their inception Ataraxy from Spain are back with their 2nd full-length. 6 years were necessary to write and release this great effort of Doom/Death, mostly the Finnish way. Down-tuned ear torture with morbid melodies, all crushing groove machinery, pounding production and some clean single note picking before crushing in with full force. Ataraxy knows well when an up-tempo beat is mandatory to keep a song interesting between all the oppressive doom sections which are really heavy. The occasional lead guitar only highlights the fading hope in humanity with all its melancholic note. To give it even more weight an organ makes its appearance which is a great choice in my opinion and an excellent variation in the song. The songs turned out mostly long, something that Ataraxy not only master with ease but didn`t drown into boredomeness for the sake of its lengths. Towards the end, everything they do best is incorporated in one song, reaching its peak when the last slow section kicks in. The last melody is haunting you from the  last corner of the universe slightly fading away into the dark cosmos of nothingness. Recommended. (DPF)