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Sempiternal Dusk – Cenotaph of Defectuous Creation

sempiternal dusk – cenotaph of defectuous creation


Listening to Sempiternal Dusk is like taking a warm bath. A hot rancid bath filled to the brim with despair…You sink into it to your lips and you dream the dirtiest dreams.  This is stifling, breathtaking. Like a black hole that takes away all the light, Sempiternal Dusk takes all life away. Sick, disturbing and dark.

The intro “Caverns of Aural Decay” sounds like Vangelis is floating on a bad trip. Harsh noise with a moaning melancholy hidden deep in the background. No grin of light shines through this granite vault.  This stuff is for the experienced listener as there is no melody…only despair and misery.

This album was a tough nut to crack. Although the sound feels very organic and familiar, the lack of melody and recognizable points in the whole makes this a hard-to-digest piece of work. Yet there is something about this nasty piece of filth that always pulls me back. The 10-minute opener “Excavated Filth from Dimensional Incarnations” immediately sets the tone: desperate and massive with howling leads.  It degrades My Dying Bride into a cheerful hippie band. “Beneath the Emblems of Death” is the shortest song with a playing time of 1 minute and pulls through your living room like a tropical hurricane category 5 leaving everything in ruins.

The production is rude. Airtight, as if a black sticky mass is slowly dripping out of your speakers. The drums sound like a bunch of cannibals that beat human bones on age-old tree trunks. The guitar sound is rough, unpolished and together with the monotonous groaning of the vocal-spitter, it forms the concrete from which this bluestone wall is pulled up.

In short, not for psychologically vulnerable people.  Be warned. Now that I have penned all this, it is time to take a bath…a bath filled with everlasting darkness. (Franki_boj)

Sempiternal Dusk

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