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Heresiarch – Death Ordinance

heresiarch – death ordinance

One demo, two EPs and now finally a full length of barbaric, bestial black/death Blasphemy and Conqueror would be proud of. New Zealand’s Heresiarch take no prisoners, instead they pound everything to dust with their brand of deep tuned blackened death metal the bestial way. Fast paced intensity in the league of country fellowmen Diocletian or US sickos Black Witchery, as well as Bestial Raids or Morbosidad, this album is not for the weak. Mostly tremolo picking, in a repetitive manner bringing the listener to a trance like state (perfect). Sometimes they even reach the Damaar intensity of sheer craziness. Searching for nice melodies? Not here. Pure darkness and death is the law. Heresiarch are intelligent enough to incorporate doomy elements to make their sound even heavier. Rounded up through a great artwork by Misanthropic Art, this album is recommended to all the lovers of brutal, crushing black/death without gimmicks. (DPF)