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Cadaveribus – Open the Gate [EP]

cadaveribus – open the gate [ep]


To begin this review I have to say that this is a fresh new band as it was just founded last year. An one man band that executes a Death / Doom Metal style and here we have the first recording, titled “Open the Gate”, which is an EP containing 4 tracks. The artwork is pretty sick, in such an old school style and with a great logo, so pestilent and rotting that reflects the style and sound of Cadaveribus.

The first track is called “Stigma” and has a classic Death / Doom Metal sound with slow and heavy riffs, a good pounding bass, a well-executed double bass drumming and whispering growls in the vocals. During this track, a great Bolt Thrower influence is present in the riffing which I appreciate and it also features killer riffs when the speed decreases, making it perfect to headbang.

“Inferno” is the second track, which has a really good drumming style with fills and a good punch with the beat. It also has a good ride cymbal work, and more punk like beats in some parts of the song, making it faster than the previous one. The composition is more elaborated in this song, classic Death metal with Doom elements, more Death than Doom in my opinion, but so catchy and heavy.

While listening to “Demonic”, the third song of this EP, it is already clear to hear how this band wants to sound and it is all well executed to make this a very good first release. It is a song that keeps the doomish riffing but this time includes double bass work that gives force to the riffs. The growls are sensational, it feels like a dark and spectral whisper to your ear which complete that filthy atmosphere that the riffs and bass help to create.

To finish this majestic work, we have “Eternity”, the shortest track of the release. Again punk beats in the drums, mixed with a Death Doom Asphyx style riffs and a killer bass sound straight to the skull. The last riff was fucking killer!

Cadaveribus is indeed a project that shows a talented musician behind it, with clear Death / Doom Metal influences and a great recording process, a fitting sound, well executed and the vocals are unique. I recommend you to follow the work of this band, it is impressive, I can´t wait to hear a full length work! (Manuel Sanchez)


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