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Deicide – In the Minds of Evil

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The Masters of Cancellation are back! As a fan of Deicide’s albums until “Insineratehymn” got released back in 2000, I’m always curious if Glen Benton and Steven Asheim release something worth buying. And let’s be honest, Deicide isn’t one of the Death Metal standards they once were, but “The Stench of Redemption” was and still is a high quality album. Unfortunately “Till Death Do Us Part” and “To Hell with God” didn’t match the aforementioned album, as they are just above average. But I have to say that “In The Minds of Evil” is a nice step in the right direction again. Not that difficult as the main composers just took inspiration of Deicide own back-catalogue. The groovy fast-paced riffs, solos, (double)-vocal lines and tracks with duration of aprrox. 3 minutes, are as familiar as obvious; still it surprises a bit as it is not expected. Tracks like “Beyond Salvation” and the main title are examples of solid craftsmanship. The last track “End the Wrath of God” is a bit different, as it has some odd leads and certain mid and end 1990s Sepultura groove drum patterns. After a couple of spins it seems “In the Minds of Evil” is an album which deserves the Deicide logo again, although it’s not a present-day classick. (Ricardo)