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Holocausto – Guerra Total [Demo]

holocausto – guerra total [demo]

Holocausto from Brazil is mostly known for their “Campo de Extermínio” release by the notorious label Cogumelo Records back in 1987. Not only as they were composing the typical South American Extreme Metal at the same time as Sepultura, Sarcófago and Vulcano, the Nazi-imagery for the visual shock element was quite controversial as well. Some even say they were one of the initiators of the War Metal style. After “Campo de Extermínio” the style changed into Crossover Thrash and a more Technical variant of Thrash with a Voivod-vibe. Some liked it, others despise it.

With “Guerra Total” the Brazilians go to war again and try to achieve the primitiveness and sound of when it all started. And with the same line-up of “Campo de Extermínio” even! To be honest, they succeed in the fact the Death/Black/Thrash is all in the primitive and savage 1980s style as it could be written and recorded back then. Live and raw at a rehearsal place. Problem is that there are quite a few who play in this style nowadays, and you have to differentiate yourself with the right riffs and/or song writing. Unfortunately Holocausto doesn’t succeed in that area as the riffs and song writing aren’t that bad, but not outstanding either. Except for the reputation of the band, this demo doesn’t stand out therefore I think this demo is only interesting for the ones with nostalgic reasons or who like most of the recent underground War Metal demos. (Ricardo)