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Deserted Fear – Drowned by Humanity

deserted fear – drowned by humanity

The 101 seconds intro gets you prepares the listener for an old-school Melodic Death Metal album which approved that Deserted Fear developed with every album without losing their own path. “All will fail” and “An everlasting dawn” remind us how old-school Death Metal should sound, midtempo riffs crawls under the skin. But there are also parts in songs like “Stench of misery” that blasts unscrupulously.

The songs of the album is very melodic and allows you to recognize the songs but not without a little downer. I don´t think that you are able to recognize them as Deserted Fear songs. The mixture of so many all-time greats like Amon Amarth, At The Gates, Arch Enemy, Heaven Shall Burn, Asphyx, Bolt Thrower or Unleashed will assure that if you are in Melodic Death Metal you will definitely easy find your favourite song. But for the most part Deserted Fear is able to put a little bit of themselves in every song. W

hen you listen to all their meanwhile four albums you can´t under no circumstances ignore the fact that Deserted Fear has established their spot in the Melodic Death Metal scene. If you want to listen to an album which perfectly combines the melodies from Gothenburg, the rawness from Stockholm and the brutality from Tampa you can pick this album without hesitation. (HaCeBo)