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Dark Funeral – Where Shadows Forever Reign

dark funeral – where shadows forever reign


Dark Funeral is a band that everyone knows. Active since 1993, they’re responsible for some of black metal’s most known classics, such as “The Secrets of the Black Arts” and “Diabolis Interium”, among others. A total of six full lengths were released by the band over the years (including their latest effort “Where Shadows Forever Reign”), as well as several eps and one live album. Anyone who wants to get into the black metal world has to, sooner rather than later, hear Dark Funeral’s music. Before 2016, their final release was way back in 2009 (“Angelus Exuro pro Eternus”) and it would be their last with their charismatic frontman Emperor Magus Caligula. After some problems and the release of Caligula, the band began searching for a new vocalist and their efforts were rewarded when they found Heljarmadr (a veteran of bands like CURSED 13, DOMGÅRD, GRÁ, DIABOLIC LUST and CURSED 666). The album starts just like any other Dark Funeral album should start: fast, heavy and furious. Their iconic Swedish Black Metal sound can be heard right from the first riff and as soon as the vocals make their appearance, you immediately know why their decision to include Heljarmadr on the line-up was a good one. Great vocals, amazing (as always) musicianship of the whole band and you get all the necessary ingredients for another Dark Funeral classic throughout nine tracks (I would, however, just kept “As I Ascend” out of the final track list… this song doesn’t fit with the rest of the album: too slow and boring. But, it’s really the only exception to the overall great quality of the record). Certainly not their best album but, personally, I would put it on #4 on the list of their six full lengths. A great record but not a classic, considering the level of what they’ve done in the past.

Dark Funeral

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