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Aphonic Threnody – When Death Comes

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Aphonic Threnody are an international project featuring in its ranks people from Italy,United Kingdom,Hungary and Belgium. “When Death Comes” is their first full-length album and it is all about funeral doom metal. This means long compositions (the second song “Death Obsession” is almost 18 minutes) filled with melancholic and slower than a snail music,death growls and piano and violin combined with the usual metal instruments. As you have probably already guessed,the feeling of the music is sadness and grief. The guys in Aphonic Threnody are experienced musicians and offer some interesting ideas but as a whole the guitar riffs are too repetitive and not intriguing enough. And this might be a problem when your songs are more than 10 minutes long. At some point “When Death Comes” turns into “When Boredom Comes” or at least this is my impression after several listening sessions. There isn’t much going on in the music department and that’s the reason why this particular album will be of use only to the real funeral doom maniacs. For all others,there are much better doomy records out there.(Zvetan)