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Pestis Cultus – Pestis Cultus

pestis cultus – pestis cultus


The entity formerly known as Snorri, and that now goes by the name of Pestis Cultus, has just presented, to an exclusive group of people, their first ever release, “Pestis Cultus”. If their ranks are the same as in Snorri, which I assume, are, prepare! No need to mention, by now, the names behind said entity, for we are all aware of the quality that inhabits said musicians.

Musically speaking, it has not lost an ounce of weight, nor hatred! It is Black Metal to the core! Slow and dense pace gives way to violent discharges of Black Metal. It is not that simple to play real Black Metal, these days. One tends to assume that a Lo-fi production and a tremolo picking, right beside a fierce growl can make a Black Metal record, but they could not be further from the truth. These Aussies take the basic principles of the genre, twist the track as the Aussies are apt to do when creating Black Metal, and add a twist of fluidity to the music. It is not stagnant, is it not unidimensional, it has layers and shades.

The vocals are top-notch: frightening, and powerful when needed. It is, overall, a very well balanced release. It displays the various perspectives these musicians have of Black Metal, that go from the heritage of the 90s, to the new (old) structures of this century. “H.H.I.” is a very interesting track. The whole structure of the music is distinctive and it has its own personality, if that makes any sense. A majestic, 5-minute, Black Metal track!

I reckon this is an amazing way to start the year. (DanielP)

Pestis Cultus

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