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Diabolical Fullmoon – Resurrection Of The Ancient Faith (Unholy Reborn Polish Black Metal Art)

diabolical fullmoon – resurrection of the ancient faith (unholy reborn polish black metal art)


Diabolical Fullmoon is a band that keeps its musical roots as close as they can in every way possible. Not only are there photos showing one of the band members wearing a Fullmoon shirt, it also pays a clear musical tribute to The Temple Of Fullmoon. This Polish equivalent of the Norwegian Black Circle, in which bands such as Behemoth, Infernum, Veles and Graveland had united, is at the heart of what this young band shows anno 2023 – some three decades after starting that infamous right-wing Polish inner circle.

What is shown on this second full-length album therefore fits seamlessly with the earliest recordings of those Polish Cult Black Metal bands. Be it that Diabolical Fullmoon have managed to squeeze it all into a slightly more congenial sound, especially the moody, buzzing keyboards give a nice atmospheric sound. Polish Black Metal has always had something special, they did use Norse templates but poured a certain Pagan mystique of their own over it. The result is perhaps most comparable to the sound that emerged some years earlier and many miles south, in Greece – albeit with a less distinct drum sound. Very slowly, a tentative revival of this Polish sound can be observed; in any case, it owes a lot to bands like Diabolical Fullmoon that we can still enjoy it these years.

That the band were serious should be obvious by all, not only did the band unite with some like-minded people in their own syndicate called ‘Southern Resistance’, but above all musically they creep as close as possible to their great examples. It should therefore come as no surprise that authenticity is the great asset of this second full-length album. The aforementioned keyboards are given the lead role without sounding too cheap in a plastic way, instead providing atmospheric draped wallpaper but also regularly getting the reigns alone in the form of Dungeon Synth-like pieces.

Diabolical Fullmoon also clearly values their Pagan/anti-religious views, and don’t shy away from controversy either. Through songs such as ‘The Pagan Spirit’, ‘The Fall Of Israel’ and the even more contentious ‘Kristallnacht’ (cover of the French band of the same name), they clearly express their views on certain issues. Averse to all modernities, Diabolical Fullmoon has clearly hit the mark with the full title of this album, ‘Resurrection Of The Ancient Faith (Unholy Reborn Polish Black Metal Art)’.

Diabolical Fullmoon

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