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Ventr – Numinous Negativity [EP]

ventr – numinous negativity [ep]

And the Portuguese Black Metal scene opens its arms in honor of the most recent entity: Ventr. It may sound a little too melodramatic, but the truth is that I can’t get enough of saying that, from day to day more and better projects have emerged in Portugal, showing that we are, yes, at the level of the best that is done abroad, no doubt!

Unlike other times in History, a large majority of what appears today in Portugal, in Black Metal, has high quality. Along with new projects, Signal Rex continues to score points and present us with more and better proposals. It makes it difficult to manage savings.

Ventr, who will be present in another edition of the IRM – alongside Ancient Burial, another “supergroup” of Portuguese Black Metal – edited this year their first work, “Numinous Negativity”. 4 themes of a full-bodied and dark Black Metal. Unlike many more recent projects / bands, the production is very clean, allowing the listener to have access to details that would otherwise be lost. The theme, aimed at subversive spiritual worship – in the eyes of some – adds a darker, more ominous and demonic aura to musical creation. Each theme is a ritualistic practice, each theme is a step towards a bottomless abyss.

Ventr, new Black and Infernal entity. (DanielP)