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ARNA – Dragged to a Lunar Grave

arna – dragged to a lunar grave


It is with pleasure that I return to VM-Underground for more Black Metal and a few words. And what a way to start off! I stumbled upon ARNA few months ago, via a friend, and it was an amazing first-time experience.

Behind we have left that extremely Lo-fi production and gave ourselves completely to a very atmospheric release. An album that encapsulates Melody and Aggressiveness, in almost equal doses, allowing the listener to travel between these two “universes”. The production is on top, giving you this clear gateway to the Music, yet it still resides in the realm of obscurity and primitive Black Metal. That is not, in my honest opinion, an easy “equation to solve”, but this Catalonian duo made it!

4 songs, all long in extension, that never felt dull at any moment. In fact, there are moments in which you feel this almost ecstatic flow of energy travelling through your body! It gives me hints of Enslaved, for example (the good one, not the other one), which is a must in my book! But it also paints moments of terrifying Black Metal.

I have no idea what is happening in Catalunya right now, but Black Metal is going wild. Going back to the sound… you have these almost epic moments where you embody this warrior spirit. Catalunya has shown us, for a few years now, that the Black Metal scene is growing and, more importantly, spreading to never explored lands.

Signal Rex is behind this release, which should not surprise you. It is always an honour to see my countrymen making such exquisite choices. (DanielP)


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