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Werewolf Bloodorder – Return By Fire [EP]

werewolf bloodorder – return by fire [ep]


Evil was one of the most prominent and traditional Black Metal bands from Brazil. Being active since 1994, the band has amassed a respectable catalogue of releases ranging from demos, splits, EPs and full length albums.

But it’s undeniable that the band has passed through many changes over its two decade spanning existence. And even after it’s demise in 2019, the main entity behind the band, Mr. Warlord Von Ravenclaw, has kept himself busy by bringing back from the dead what Evil once was.

Since the conception of Werewolf Bloodorder and its first demo ‘Rites of Murder and Sacrifice’ in 2019, the whole band’s purpose can be seen as a continuation of what Evil did back in the 90s.

But in contrast to the demo that preceded it, ‘Return by Fire’ is somewhat of a more collected and heavier offering. With a crude and frigid kind of Black Metal that focuses much more in an aura of hateful spite instead of the ultra fast approach that many bands seem to prefer.

Despite the fact that this EP is quite short, clocking in at just a little over 10 minutes, but even with its short length, both of the songs deliver in some quality bombastic and cold Black Metal. There’s even an instrumental track in between the other two songs contained here, which offers some respite in the middle of the maelstrom.

I’d even point out the last song ‘A Southern War from The Winter’s March’, as the highlight here. Even though it’s a cover from one of Evil’s earlier demos, it gains new life in this EP and fits perfectly with Werewolf Bloodorder’s demeanor.

For anyone who wants to check out what Werewolf Bloodorder is about, I’d highly recommend checking out ‘Return by Fire’ first and then work your way into the 2019 demo. If you’re into the mid 90s Black Metal sound and appreciate bands like Funeral or Moonblood, you can’t go wrong here.

Signal Rex

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