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Holocausto em Chamas – L´Shon Hakodesh

holocausto em chamas – l´shon hakodesh


Black Metal has grown, has evolved, has spread its fierce tentacles to multiple corners of the sonic spectrum, morfing into amazing beasts who took the World ablaze. Be it Mysticum, Abruptum or Wolves in the Throne Room, the number of ramifications is uncountable. In the past years we have seen a movement invested in taking Black Metal back to its natural and primitive state, its original form. The Raw, Necro, Putrid Scent that emanates from the works of Sarcofago or Beherit has been, for long, restricted to the underground catacombs of the genre, but what more recent bands have been doing, has brought to surface the hymns of those that have helped assembly a musical line close to the visceral elements of Man.

The Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the United States, Portugal. Four artisans that mightily craft this resurrected expression of Black Metal. A return to the chaotic and controversial days of the 90s, the Norwegian scandals, the violence and filth of South America or the romanticism of the French Black Metal scene. Holocausto em Chamas have this atmosphere of Grime, Wrath, Profanity and Rudeness that sum up, perfectly well, what these artists aim to achieve: total and utter Sonic Violence and Blasphemy.

Holocausto em Chamas plays Black Metal Music. A bit like what Lemmy God Kilmister used to say, these words are not, in any way, misplaced in the definition of this band. They do play Black Metal, a visceral musical construction. Mid paced parts help create a dynamic that never ceases to amaze. Officially, the members are unknown, but for those that were lucky enough to have witnessed last year’s live performance at Invicta Reqviem Mass, in Porto, organized by Signal Rex) had a glimpse of the masterminds behind the Beast that is Holocausto em Chamas. I closed my eyes and Darkness was felt through all nervous system. Spasms. Smells. Truth. Ritualistic Uprising. A Sonic Experience.

Unlike other Portuguese Black Metal acts, Holocausto em Chamas does not create that ghostly atmosphere, and if you read my review on Degredo, do not expect that sort of ambience, as these perverted bringers of music are much more interested in projecting Repulse and the Fragrance of the Decease through their violent grrowls, hard, pounding and thundering drums and depraved guitar riffs. Speed is not mandatory here! This Mass that is put upon us, that we feel we must carry, is thrown at us with Power, with an Overwhelming Obscure Energy. It stomps on your head as you see your spirit drive into a trance. Solid and rich approach to the Black Metal ancient ancestry that shows, effortlessly, that Black Metal, as a genre, has gone full circle and that Primordial and Blasphemy essence of Black Metal was never lost, just sitting in the Gloomy , waiting, maturing, aiming for a return.

“L’shon Hakodesh” came out in 2018, by Signal Rex, and it is a piece of work that will linger for long as an essential piece of Portuguese Black Metal. New lines are being drawn. New demons are being summoned. Let yourself dwell into them. 666/666 (DanielP)

Signal Rex

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