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Ordo Cultum Serpentis – Derej Najash [EP]

ordo cultum serpentis – derej najash [ep]


The first track off of this EP starts with a very dark and psychedelic Ambient/Drone section, which sets the overall brooding depths of blackened despair that this album exudes. Then almost out of nowhere a down-tuned Doom riff enters accompanied by a church bell and very low guttural vocals. With the sounding of that first guitar piercing the bleak but calm intro, I knew I would enjoy this band.

Ordo Cultum Serpentis consists of musicians, V (from Korea) and Fr. Der Cadaver (from Mexico) and they bring an excellently putrid, gloomy, and wicked brand of, what I can only call, blackened Death/Doom but with clear sections of Ambient and Noise material. A combination, which for me, is a match made in hell and a perfect blend of four of my favorite types of music. Going from intensely slow and immensely heavy riffs to crushing Death Metal part with Black Metal dissonance and delivery.

Each riff tends to have a combination of the three blessed, unholy influences. There is no guitar riffing that strays too far from Death Metal, Doom Metal, or Black Metal; all three permeate throughout this release. However, interjected in between evil and gargantuan metal riffs are these haunting, desolate, and eerily calm ambient sections, as mentioned before. It is almost if when a massive, evil elder demon or god is coming to a rest between episodes of unspeakable destruction and violence.

This release is not for the impatient or for those who crave speed in tempo at all times. The EP is two tracks, both of which are over 13 minutes long. However, both tracks are fantastic in my opinion and I am really excited to see what this group has in store for us in the coming years. (Fetid Priest of Pestilence)

Ordo Cultum Serpentis

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