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Hollow Woods – Endless Trails [Demo]

hollow woods – endless trails [demo]


Finland has given – it still does, to be more accurate – superb, exquisite, top-notch Black Metal. From the classic bands to the newer generations, the genre has been taken care of, if I might say, in a very loving way.

Hollows Woods, going straight to business, is the perfect example of the aptitude the Finns have for Black Metal. cold melodies and cuting riffs. But, tagging them “just” as Finns is not the correct description of their sound, and a track like “Archaic Detestation” is a remarkable example of such. They do go the extra mile, they do grasp more than just the (standard) Black Metal sound. I sense a Primordial influence in this one. Maybe it is just me, who knows?

This is 3 songs long and it is empowering, it is dense and dark, it is deep and scary, in a way. It comes to show that Black Metal is, indeed, the most inventive subgenre of the Heavy Metal universe. After a 4 track rehearsal Demo – ” Rehearsal Demo MMXVIII” – released in 2018, “Endless Trails” sets the bar a bit higher, and marks the beginning of the band’s collaboration with my country mates in Portugal, Signal Rex. One can be sure that these blokes will put their hands in every top-notch band out there.

I am biased, I know, and that guy that reads my reviews on Signal Rex’ “product”, knows that. Feel no shame mate, feel no shame! But moving on. Second track guides the listener down a different path, but still a powerful one, no doubt! Harsher vocals, drown from the dead’s bed, come to haunt your sleep. And the end has been reached, and with it, the completion of the circle! Straightforward Black Metal, unforgiving and robust! A band capable of intricate moments, and “modest” ones. Epic details that take their music unto different levels of Black Metal.

Ladies and Gents, please give a listen. (DanielP)

Hollow Woods

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