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Ancient Burial – Beyond the Watchtowers

ancient burial – beyond the watchtowers


It is hard to deny the amount of quality Signal Rex has been putting out the last few years. Besides crafting one of the best underground Black Metal Fests I know of, amazingly, better and better releases keep on popping from their side. Truth be told, I mostly pay attention to the Portuguese releases. What can I say? I love what my countrymen do!

This case in specific: Ancient Burial. The musicians behind said entity are very well known, inside and outside our physical borders: IRAE, Morte Incandescente, Mons Veneris, Degredo, Occelensbrigg, Ordem Satânica, Voëmmr, Holocausto em Chamas… well, I believe one quickly absorbs the expanse of quality we are hoping to receive from this release. And, one does not end up disappointed.

I knew what I was In for. Let us be honest: the aforementioned musicians live within a certain sphere of Black Metal. Small differences arise, here and there, but In the end, they deliver THAT Black Metal that we love so much, and Ancient Burial channels exactly everything we want to be assaulted by: low production, raw guitars and drums, the vocals are deeply buried beneath tons of human suffering and despair… Satan lives in each of those words, I dare say. It is claustrophobic, at times; yet, it still takes you on this spellbinding journey. Cavernous, suppressed under that cacophony, lay melodic guitar riffs that take you on the referred journey, a mental abstraction and voluntary isolation in the back of your being.

I never expect less than excellent, from these musicians, and this time I did not let me down. 7 tracks, 7 moments of austral displacement. Ruthless sonic walls fall down, upon us, with every single step we take. They walk side by side with most bands from The Black Circle, yet they were/are able to provide something else to their sound, something more… hypnotic. “Eclipse de Almas” is the perfect example of how these musicians might, in a near future, stand out from the pack. It is raw, but it still holds that more atmospheric (hellish one, obviously) facet to it… Hell of a ride!

Their first ever live appearance will take place at Invicta Reqviem Mass VI, on the 4th and 5th of December, at the already mythical Metalpoint, Porto, Bloody Portugal! (DanielP)

Ancient Burial

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