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Morta – Fúnebre [EP]

morta – fúnebre [ep]

Badalona, Catalan Lands and Black Metal. This trio, formed by Cardhem (Bass and vocals), MW (Drums and vocals) and Necroceron (Guitar and vocals), took their first steps in 2016. All of them are musicians with several previous experiences in the world of music – and Black Metal in specific – having played together in previous projects.

“Fúnebre” is the band’s 2nd work after the Demo “The Descent of Innanna”, released in 2017. Dated August 28 by the Portuguese Signal Rex, on Tape and CD and, by Poisonous Sorcery in Vinyl format, “Morta” shows us a band with a current sound, although with several influences from the golden days of Black Metal, especially audible in the work of guitars: melodic, harsh. The sound, lo-fi enough, helps the occult and mystical aura to take over both the music and the listener.

What we have here is Black Metal in every sense of the term / genre. The vocalizations, deeply “buried” beneath the wall of sound that the musicians create, rise to spread sulphur and incense. Caustic and yet immensely filled with melody.

“Fuego y Hueso”…Black Metal. 1 Pre-intro (?), 1 intro, 5 songs and 1 outro. Do not count on innovations to the genre or passages of instrumental mastery, here you will find Black Metal, with feeling and claw, harmonious and mystical, reminiscent of the 90s and with a touch of actuality. An excellent contribution for the genre, from these Catalans. (DanielP)