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Hail Conjurer – Earth Penetration

hail conjurer – earth penetration


In case you have never heard of this illustrious one-man Black Metal act from Finland, in spite of the band’s large number of releases via labels such as New Era Productions, Tour De Garde, Bestial Burst, Legion Blotan and Northern Heritage, at least you have heard of the other bands in which he’s involved in. Hail Conjurer, also known among friends as Harri Kuokkanen, can also be seen behind the microphone of Death/Doom juggernaut Hooded Menace, as well as in Horse Latitudes (vocals/drums) and Ride For Revenge (drums). No rest for the wicked…

In case Hail Conjurer’s music is still unfamiliar territory, the aforementioned labels give a certain impression of what to expect. Pretty raw and elemental Black Metal, stripped of most standard frills. Fans of well-written and recorded Melodic Black Metal had better look straight ahead. Although Hail Conjurer does add some melody, it is in a fairly minimal way and they do not prevail by any means. Primitive Black Metal is the great basis for the Hail Conjurer’s music, but as with all of its previous releases, on ‘Earth Penetration’ it is lifted above the average level by dissonant bass guitar, drone-like spacey passages and a mean and gritty throat. By inserting these elements, Hail Conjurer also does not fit seamlessly into the tradition of most Finnish Black Metal bands. This has not much to do with bands like Sargeist, Horna, Satanic Warmaster or Archgoat. Yet some Finnish influence can definitely be discerned, the bass-heavy pieces and rawness have common ground with Barathrum and Beherit. Most surprising on ‘Earth Penetration’ is the last track. After a buzzing and almost sultry-sounding ambient-like run-up, it erupts into a heavily distorted and ultra-raw sound with which, in almost ritualistic cadence, the album closes in mesmerizing grandeur.

Hail Conjurer once again shows on this latest work to be of a different order from most of its peers. Its primordial Black Metal, laced with hypnotic drone and unorthodox elements, gets more intense with each release, it is therefore I am eagerly awaiting Hail Conjurer’s next offering.

Signal Rex

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