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Nathr – Beinahrúga [EP]

nathr – beinahrúga [ep]


First and foremost: did I tell you that “Funeral Harvest”, by Funeral Harvest, was one of my favourite releases of 2020?! You got to love what those blokes did… tremendous (and they were cool enough to answer my questions ahahah). Now imagine, 2 of those guys (Vocals and Drums), plus Northr (Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Soundscapes), and what do you think you have? It is no Black Metal, but I believe no one was expecting it to be, after reading Signal Rex’s press release, but I did not imagine I would enjoy this so much. MA says it Blackened Funeral Doom Metal, or whatever that is, to be honest. Do labels really make the difference? Well… that is a very different conversation ahah focus, focus! As stated before, I was not expecting to enjoy this release as much as I do, as Doom is not my thing (classical one is another thing), and Funeral Whatever Black Metal does not feel as my thing.

But I jumped in, and discovered the Doomish side of these musicians. I sense much more dynamics, in this release, than in most Doom Funeral Whatever Metal I find on the internet. In a way it takes me back to some of the moments, you can find in Defuntos (some moments, just): slow and deep, although it encloses the essence of a more melancholic Black Metal. Ok, this is Doom, Danny, not Black Metal. Exactly! But it flows so well, so easily, so right, you know? The vocals are amazing, in the logic that they are deep, and overwhelming; yet, they offer melody and atmosphere. The vocals work alongside the instruments, to create a unit, a united sound.

And let us not forget the synths, those small, almost unnoticeable details that “upgrade” the Music to a higher level (or lower, if we are talking about Black Doom Metal), filling here and there, providing a complete and thicker wall of sound. Pleasant surprise. (DanielP)


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