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Nigrum Pluviam – Eternal Fall into the Abyss

nigrum pluviam – eternal fall into the abyss


Black Metal is one of the musical genres that work best in pack form, in a way. The tendency to form groups, collectives, cults, based on premises across all those who are part of it, is something that has been around since Norway, late 80s, when a group of young people took a journey that culminated in acts that should be disapproved by all those who identify with the musical genre. Based in Gaulish lands (ah, the LLN), and alongside VzörbrëzV, Mörmoo, Morteharas, Nözaakr, Atrium Malum, Mürmurio, Concordia Diaboli and Sräthr Kraïhuas, make up the collective Garde Noire.

2021 sees the arrival of the first Full-length (“Eternal Fall into the Abyss”), by Portuguese Signal Rex, and follows the line of previously edited works (“Mörmoo / Nigrum Pluviam”, 2019, and “Lueur Jonchée d’ombres Pour l’Éternité”, 2020): a dark melancholy, the desolation of the Being. The whole composition is based on a raw and primitive production (so fashionable today), which “emanates” dense and gloomy ambiences. The slow, and almost ghostly rhythm is, in a way, the structure of Nigrum Pluviam, who has in Kraëh Määtruum the helmsman.

It allows us to have details quite rooted in the blacker and hellish fringes of Dungeon Synth, which when combined with melodic riffs, result in an atmosphere very reminiscent of the LLN. If we pay a little attention to the reality presented to us by Nigrum Pluviam, we soon realize that there is a decision to replicate what many of the acts of this infamous (but genius) collective conceived: the image of medieval realities, immense dungeons, darkness, human suffering… unfortunately it can’t reach the level of these, falling a little short. Still, a release with several points of interest, and worth investigating. (DanielP)

Nigrum Pluviam

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