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Voëmmr – Negras Sess​õ​es no Abismo Sul [Compilation]

voëmmr – negras sess​õ​es no abismo sul [compilation]


Vöemmr is a Portuguese Black Metal outfit that is part of the Clandestine Aldebaran Circles, like Degredo, Ginnungagap, Lycanthropic Winter Moon, Occelensbrigg, and Ordem Satânica, to name a few. Little is known about this circle besides its support for the ideas of purism, minimalism, and anonymity of the early Black Metal movement. The behaviour reminds me of the LLN, which haunts the French underground to this day.

Vöemmr plays with this attitude too, and with this compilation on vinyl, ‘Negras Sessões No Abismo Sul’ (which contains the two demos ‘Sombr Moebrd’ (2018) and ‘Tordaebr Odr Daebr’ (2020)), creates an aura of mysticism around them that is hard to grasp.

The whole concept fits the music and the purism it embodies. The black and white cover artwork, which depicts a kind of castle, is reminiscent of the film ‘The Ninth Gate’ by Roman Polanski and gives me the feeling of witnessing something forbidden and old, protected from the outside world by these thick, old walls.

The music haunts the old walls, and the vocals remind me of possessed Incantations trying to summon the devil himself. Everything seems removed from this world. The sound of guitar- and drum-work of these two demos are hollow, clammy, and eerie, and reminds me of witnessing a rehearsal/summoning through a thick oak cellar door.

The vocals are chanting and screaming, creating an atmosphere of occult aura that I associate with ghostly shadow plays of haunted souls circling around candlelight.

All in the name of purism, which brings me back to my original question: does purism have boundaries?

In many cases, it has its limitations and can seem cheap, but in Vöemmr’s case, it suits the concept and idea of creating a haunted presence, gnarly moments, and a ghostly atmosphere. For those who missed the two demo tapes back in the day, this demo LP compilation provides the opportunity to listen to these amazing and mysterious works as a whole.

I don’t personally have a favourite song because I see it more as a concept work that should be listened to as a whole. And I recommend that you check this Raw Black Metal album as a whole as well.


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