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Goats of Doom – Rukous

goats of doom – rukous


Goats of Doom are a 4 piece Finnish Black Metal band based in Nivala, Pohjois-Pohjanmaa and “Rukous” is their fourth full length release in 2018 through Primitive Reaction.

“Rukous” is packed with brutal and chaotic Black Metal with a Folk Metal feel, inspiring you to move to a remote part of the Finnish woods, which is a consistent feature throughout this release. A high emphasis on the folklore aspect is also lyrically present which is extremely engaging and motivates you to to learn more about what you’ve actually heard. Goats of Doom clearly have a lot to say and I got a renewed appreciation for both lyrical content and Finnish Black Metal.

The focus on brutal vocals in the forefront of “Rukous”, was a strong point as it blended exceptionally well with the traditional Finnish approach to Black Metal and created an additional layer of the chaotic brutality you have come to expect from Goats of Doom. Throughout this release Goats of Doom switch from a Folk Metal influenced sound with pagan chanting and shamanic drumming to a brutal Blackened Death approach. Personally I appreciate this aspect of “Rukous” as I consider it as an another additional layer to this strong release.

A final melodic approach balances out throughout this release and adds an atmospheric conclusion to “Rukous”. Harsh, uncompromising Finnish Black Metal at its finest. I genuinely enjoyed this album and look forward to the new Goats of Doom releases. (Sarah McKellar)