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Goats of Doom / Iku-Turso – Ikuinen kuolema [Split]

goats of doom / iku-turso – ikuinen kuolema [split]


Iku-Turso are a raw black metal band with a minimalistic approach, chaotic feel and filthy riffs from Oulu, Finland. “Ikunen Kuolema” is their 2020 split release with Goats of Doom, prior to their full length “Pakana”.

The raw aspect to Iku-Tursos’s “Canticle of Death” is highlighted in their chaotic, raw approach is consistent throughout “Ikuinen Kuolema” and those inclined towards occultic Black Metal will appreciate the ominous feel throughout this track.

The riffs throughout their material are melancholy and harmonious while adding another raw layer of chaos to “Canticle of Death”. The lyrical themes of death, paganism and darkness add an additional ominous touch and engage you with their well written lyrical content. Iku-Turso have a heavy lo-fi feel to their sound making it instantly recognisable.

Goats of Doom have produced their customary style of Finnish Black Metal with “Madajatta”- adding a folk feel to their distinct style.

Melodic riffs, and strong vocals in the forefront customary to their style and all the filth you could want in a track. Goats of Doom have produced a beautifully written track engaging the listener to research more into what their lyrical content actually features. Ikuinen Kuolema focuses more on the satanic and depressive raw black metal themes throughout this split while providing the typically well written content they deliver.

Folk riffs, filth and raw black metal- “Ikuinen Kuolema” has everything a Finnish Black Metal fan can appreciate and is a force to be reckoned with that I personally really enjoyed.

Once again, I a left with the inspiration to book a flight to Finland with this release in accompany myself and looking more into both Goats if Doom and Iku-Turso’s releases as we speak. (Sarah McKellar)


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