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Mortal Vision – Mind Manipulation

mortal vision – mind manipulation

After the release of two singles, the debut album ‘Mind Manipulation’ will be released at the end of October through the Redefining Darkness Records. They haven’t jumped on the vinyl revival yet, but I guess that’s only a matter of time.

Thrash metal in the veins of old Sepultura, a whiff of Sodom, a bit of old Suicidal Angels, all packed in a fresh and modern production is what you’ll hear. Okay, many young Thrash bands try to ride along on the old school Thrash scene, but not all band succeed to deliver a decent release. In my opinion, Ukrainian band Mortal Vision sounds more straight ahead than most of their genre adepts and they were able to keep the tension in this album.

Fast forward, lots of hints to the past, unpolished and with the needed rough edges that made this style so cool and attractive. This band sounds hungry, so my prediction is that this debut won’t be the highlight of their career, I’ve got a lot of confidence in this band after listening to this album. Fast guitar work, fast raging drums that switch to groove, and an energetic voice, added with some great tracks like ‘Apophenia’, end track ‘Devastated Existence’ and ‘Forced Extermination’, and you’ve got a good combination that can claim their place.

Not bad for a band that’s only active for two years…put on your thrash sneakers and enjoy. (Fredde)