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Savage Necromancy – Savage Necromancy [EP]

savage necromancy – savage necromancy [ep]

When you are labelled as a blend of Death and Black Metal, with themes in the vein of war, blasphemy and all kind of devilish activities involving a goat (or sheep if a goat isn’t available near you), the odds are quite there to presume Savage Necromancy are more fond of primitive musical slaughtering than the progressive side of extreme metal.

If you use monikers combined with descriptions like Grand Marshall of Hell (Ceremonial conjurer of semenic rhythms and thunderous primitivity) and Conjurer of putrid Desecrations (unholy axe beheadings and demonic arch-fiend summonings) along with tracks like “Cunt of the Lamb”, “Ritualized Goat Soldiers” and “Total Fucking Desecration” it is fair to say Savage Necromancy will appeal fans of Blasphemy, Archgoat and the likes. Although the chaos is present in the music, the sound of this EP is surprisingly audible and doesn’t drown in a bestial cacophony.

Although not standing out considering the many Death / Black releases of the last couple of years, it is a pleasant EP that will be enjoyed by the ones who can’t get enough of this particular style. (Ricardo)