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Viscous – Morbid Arousal [EP]

viscous  – morbid arousal [ep]


Crawling forth from the slimy, tough soil of Quebec, Canada emerges the young mucilaginous Death Metal band by the name of Viscous. This syrupy three piece started of their thick, sticky life in 2022 and oozed out a single that shares the same moniker as their debut EP release, which we are talking about here, and both of these releases came out this year, in 2023. But let’s stop slogging through this tenacious bio intro and move on to the gelatinous meat of Viscous’ killer ‘Morbid Arousal’. Shall we?

‘Morbid Arousal’ here is four headbangingly gooey tracks worth of Death Metal that likes to stick within the Old School European style. A style that sounds rather similar to what it would be like if you mixed Autopsy with Asphyx and covered it in a delicious, grime speckled glutinous atmosphere. A truly gummy and exquisite mix that Viscous seem to have a firm, adherent and beyond competent handle on. Hell, this is proven on the last track, which just so happens to be a cover of Autopsy’s ‘Twisted Mass Of Burned Decay’ and if you did not know that before hand or familiar with the song you would swear it is a Viscous original.

Yet the biggest thing that separates Viscous from their inspirational co-Death dealers would have to be the mucoid atmospheric production of ‘Morbid Arousal’ as a whole. Now, I am not too sure here if this is actually a stylistic choice of Viscous’ or just a side product of the recording process they used but it works for them. It works in a way that makes their sound much more gunky, foreboding, vile and thick. Just like we like em.

So, in the end I would just like to thank you all for sticking around for this thick, but not too long, review that ended up being way too full of synonyms for Viscous. But it was just as much of a joy to write as it was to listen to this EP. For ‘Morbid Arousal’ is a really fucking damn good introduction for a band who already knows who they want to be and can execute that plan to absolute perfection. I know I’m aroused.


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