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“A suffocating darkness eclipses the world as Soulburn rise anew…” The road towards the final resurrection and second album was one with a couple of turns. At first there was a new band called To The Gallows to express their fondness for Bathory and Hellhammer. Rogga Johannson (so many bands, let’s name Paganizer and Revolting) left in the beginning and Henri Sattler (God Dethroned) did the same not long after. While rehearsing Bob Bachgus and Eric Daniels were certain; this is SOULBURN!

After a few seconds when “Under the Rise of the Red Moon” kicks in…I have to agree 100% with you, this is Soulburn! Although you have mentioned that “Feeding on Angels” has more Asphyx in it, II think this is THE continuation of that album after so many years of silence. Although I’m a huge fan of Wannes’ his vocals on the debut, the vocals of Twan makes this album a bit darker and demonic. What make you decide to recruit Twan as your vocalist and not try to persuade someone with the same vocals as Wannes? Was Wannes himself an option?
Eric: We did ask Wannes several times If he would join with us in the original soulburn line up. However he was too busy with his family life and his own band so he made that clear. At the end Twan came up and the band was a fact, Soulburn this way ,this line up is the best to spread our dark grimm metal. We wanted also the more black type of vocals, as we all are Bathory minded, twan did the job we all were thrilled of.

How the process of writing and recording did go? Everything went as planned? Are their songs unused and on the shelves that didn’t make the album?
Eric: The process of making the Soulburn songs arent that difficult. I collect all guitar riff ideas, record them home as reminder and for the ideas to hear it back.Together with Bob he arrange the songs and we set the base of the songs. Drums and first rhythm guitar gives us the idea how the song would be build. The second guitarparts and solo’s and bass and vocals comes later when the structure of the songs are definite. We like to work this way, and gives the best result the way we want it.

Bob, in your owns words you said “Suffocating in Darkness” is “a very dark album, our darkest one since Asphyx’s ‘Embrace The Death’, with lots of old Bathory / Venom / Celtic Frost love in it”. Is this the album you had in mind when you all started To The Gallows? Which song does represent that statement the most and why? Are there flaws on it of which you think “hmmm, if it was possible, I would change that a bit”.
Bob: Yes it is indeed.Exactly what we had in mind too.And Twan put it into words just perfectly! This is not the album we had in mind for TTG since we already had Soulburn slumbering in the back of our heads while writing the material. It was Eric who suggested it and that was a great idea.I think it was in the back of our minds for quite some time as well. Which song? I think “I do not bleed from your crown of thorns” since that has all the doomy elements in it anmd the drive we need. Flaws? No,I don’t think so since the album was recorded this way with this mindsetting too.It all happens for a reason and the album came out the way it should have come out.

If I’m right, for this album, you both are the musical creative core behind it. And Twan the lyrical one with his dark views on occultism. Will Twan and guitarist Remco Kreft will have their musical share on any forthcoming releases? Perhaps on the new split 7” with Desaster? Can you tell us more about the 7” released by Cyclone Empire?
Eric: As in earlier question explained we work this way cause it’s for us the best way. We like to rehearse together, make our ideas real, and it’s the nicest thing in music to do, making new songs. Everyone inside the band has his task, together we make the album of course, but the start of songs Bob and I do. We did this process of working together earlier in Asphyx and it fits the right way to us. The split 7” will be released on 7th august, a brand new song, completely Soulburn worth !

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you both have quit Grand Supreme Blood Court recently. Was it a difficult decision, especially as it is your brainchild, Eric? Is it strange others continue GSBC?
Eric: Yes that’s true. Well, very difficult it wasn’t cause Soulburn was already consuming the most of my music time. I simply can’t do 2 bands, give the best. I also my opinion it’s still strange why people or musicians play in more than 1 band. To me it seems like, I have too much time or it’s too easy, lets do another band. Soulburn is the band I want and will be connected to, the riffs I play and compose comes with the heart and soul for Soulburn, and I am not a machine like producing riffs after riffs for GSBC too. Its not my style and it’s not what I prefer. That’s why the decision to quit was easier. No it’s not strang if the others will continue. I made my decision and stick with it. Soulburn is my fulltime attachment.
Bob: For me it was very easy since I totally focus on Soulburn anyhow.GSBC was a lot of fun to do and both Eric and me have a good history with Martin so that was great but Soulburn is more our cup of tea.Both Eric and myself were always into creating dark and obscure music(that is why I formed Asphyx in the first place) and Soulburn has just that what we need in making music.For us Soulburn is the future.

Something for both of you, the legacy question….The promotion around Soulburn, Grand Supreme Blood Court or probably any other musical activities you will endeavour in the future, always get the “ex-Asphyx”-label. Does it bother you, as you both have other musical activities you are proud of as well, or are you aware of the fact Asphyx is such a powerful moniker which every Death Metal fanatic know around the world. Which…probably, makes you proud as hell as well….?
Eric: Of course that label we always will carry, but I have to say, I am and was proud to play in Asphyx, I did for 11 years with heart and soul, and experienced the nicest things in musicbuiss, it doesn’t bother me at all. I am proud of what I did, and I still behind it for 100%. However, Soulburn doesn’t need to promo with our earlier band, its quality we make and will make and after all, millions of words can be spent, the music always speaks for itselfs.
Bob: It does not bother me at all since Asphyx was and will be always my band and I am very proud of what I did achieve with Asphyx.And since Asphyx is known worldwide in the DM scene and Eric and me were an important part of it we will always be remembered of that.But on the other hand,Soulburn has not very much to do with Asphyx,except for slow grinding doomparts(but hey…that was always the trademark of Eric and me anyway).Maybe a comparisation to the old Asphyx ’89-’90 era,because of the occultness,but for the rest Soulburn really stands on it’s own and should not further be compared to Asphyx anylonger.

Accompanied by the mighty tones of Bathory’s “Enter the Eternal Fire”, I thank you both for answering my questions. I left something uncovered, feel free to add it here!
Eric: Thank you Ricardo for this one and excellent might tones the Bathory ones. Towards the readers…Check out our upcoming split 7” with Desaster, and some news here, next year a brand new Soulburn album coming your way. See ya at our shows !! Cheerz & Greetz
Bob: Thanx for the interview!!