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Void Rot – Descending Pillars

void rot – descending pillars

Active since 2017, Void Rot is a quartet based out of Minnesota that released quite a monstrous LP titled “Descending Pillars”, gives more of an improved, polished sound compared to their 2018 EP “Consumed By Oblivion”. Cover art done by Timo Ketola portraying an (edit)*oil on canvas* landscape that’s bold and leaves the listener to make their own interpretation compared to predictable gory covers; additional art done by Misanthropic Art .

For fans of diSEMBOWELMENT, Abhorrence, or Disma, “Descending Pillars” is *chef’s kiss* perfect choice. Void Rot draws out a monolithic symphony of feeling incessant dread and desolation from riffs alone. Tied into the saturated reverb vocals that come off as being astral projected into a black hole, forever floating further into isolation. Continuous tempo throughout this almost 38 minute LP, seven tracks to absorb into feeling of misery, these guys are on a good path to follow along with other great contemporary Death Doom acts such as Worm, Krypts, and Undergang.

Starting with their title track “Descending Pillars”(8:43); starts very ominous, almost feeling like a heartbeat getting into an anxious state before the distortion of guitars slowly come in by 0:50 with drums finally adding another primal layer by 1:17, and vocals finally kicking in at 2:21, prolonging the fear and intensity that commands your attention. “Upheaval” has some Black metal/Thrash styled riffs, shortest tune but keeps you movin’. Another track to mention is the best for last closer “Monolith”, which definitely goes out with a bang, especially if you feature a dope solo from Alex Walstad of Nothingness. Great for him to take part of this project. And would be great to see a split between these two MN acts IMO! Check this out! (Tori Belle)