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Festerdecay – Reality Rotten To The Core

festerdecay – reality rotten to the core


The infamous ‘Gods Of Grind’ tour in 1992, featuring Confessor, Cathedral, Entombed and Carcass, turned out to be an event of great prophetic value. Not so much for the Grindcore contents of Entombed, Cathedral or Confessor, but even more so for the role that Carcass would play in the future of extreme music. Of course, by the time of 1992 the band had already firmly cemented their name into the Grindcore/Death Metal genre, but little would they know that their legendary status would go through the roof in the decades to follow.

Even in 2023 their footprints and devoted followers are hard to deny in the world of extreme music. Not too long ago we featured the Japanese Pharmacist on our pages, also paying tribute to the first two albums of Carcass and folding it into the same sort of depraved and rotting piece of festering art. Now it’s the turn of the also Japanese Festerdecay, a fairly new band in which we recognize Harufumi Nomiyama, whose demo single I reviewed for Vampire-Magazine back in 2005.

Just in widespread tradition of True Carcass Worship, Festerdecay follows the very same footsteps of bands like General Surgery, County Medical Examiners and Dead Infection. Predominantly moving between the mid-tempo grooving Death Metal tinged riffage and the up-temp blast beat driven bursts, Festerday also sports that magnificent tried-and-tested formula of the dual vocals. The deep gurgling, pitch shifted vocals are in a perfect marriage with the high pitched, more shrieking vocals, just like those divine Gods Of Grind. ‘Reality Rotten To The Core’ is not only Grindcore (or Goregrind, if you will) from A to Z, there is plenty of Old School Death Metal to be enjoyed as well, especially when they go into the grooving, mid-tempo parts or even slow down a tad more.

This debut album is more than a convincing record, if bands like Carcass (d’uh), General Surgery, Dead Infection, Dahmer, Mesrine, Hemdale, The County Medical Examiners or Pharmacist and the likes get you going, then you should not pass this one up either. Pure late 80’s and early 90’s gory, and very well-executed, Grindcore/Death Metal fusion.


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