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Wounds [USA] – Light Eater [EP]

wounds [usa] – light eater [ep]


Wounds have released their debut EP “Light Eater” and it’s certainly one for all your tech death fans out there. “Light Eater” is a blistering attack on your senses with each of the band members playing their part in bringing this fine piece of work together. All 5 tracks are frantic beyond belief but, in all that, they are still well crafted with more than a smidgeon of intricate rhythms, shredding riffs and outstanding song structures. Have I awoken your interest yet??

“Explosion of Interstellar Terror” begins the pummelling and rips straight into a storm of staggering technical power with rhythm and pace changes, hooks, speed and aggression. Vocals through this and all that follows, range from deep guttural growls to banshee like screams. The title track “Light Eater” follows and rips you apart from a molecular level and doesn’t even have the decency to put you back together. The excellently composed musical structures of thunderous blast beats combined with machine gun riffage leave you in a fragmented mess, recoiling and screaming in pain but still wanting more of the same tech death tempest that this EP is all about.

“Metamorphosis” again marshals all of what is good about this EP however, there’s a bluesy type lead break about three quarters of the way through and it shows that although tech death is their thing, being from Chicago, there is an infusion in their psyche of Chicago blues.

“Fractured” and “An Undead Awakening” round out the EP and are quintessential tech death tracks which are a further declaration of the musical and technical capabilities of Wounds.

“Light Eater” is, dare I say it, 20 odd minutes of intricate brutality and is a masterfully technical display of the tech death genre that you really should be seeking out and, I for one, am hoping that Wounds bring out more of the same in the very near future. (Longstretch)

Wounds [USA]

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