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Birdflesh – Extreme Graveyard Tornado

birdflesh – extreme graveyard tornado

Birdflesh should need no introduction. Based in Vaxjo, Sweden, these mad grinders have been going strong since 1992. Known for their arsenal of riffs, varied tempos, over the top humor, and frenzied drumming that attempts to pound you into oblivion, has anything changed with their first full length since 2008’s “The Farmer’s Wrath”?

The answer is… Not much. They still have all of the above mentioned qualities, although this album seems to flow from piece to piece a bit smoother than Farmer’s. The humor is still there, both song titles and lyrics. Varied riffs in abundance, with tempos flowing as needed through the songs, making sure that the next change packs a punch. The drummer is still trying to pound your skull in. And the musical chaos is retained from previous releases, although it is more refined.

A more than worthy full length follow up to Farmer’s, I believe this will appeal to longtime fans (including me), and newcomers. Definitely a good introduction to the awesomeness that is Birdflesh, and a worthy addition to their discography. Recommended. (ShawnV)