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Diabolic Oath – Aischrolatreia [EP]

diabolic oath – aischrolatreia [ep]


After Shroud Of The Heretic went on a indefinite hiatus by the end of the 10’s some members went on to form this Diabolic Oath, with which they released two demo’s before getting their debut album ‘Profane Death Exodus’ out in 2020 by the same label as the this new EP. Sentient Ruin Laboratories has proven to know where to get the most depraved and mind boggling crude metal and with ‘Aischrolatreia’ they deliver a piece of work that perfectly matches that description.

These five tracks rage by in just under 25 minutes and have such a devastating power that I think it is only for the better that it is only an EP. Before reviewing this EP, I also listened to the debut album again, but I found it equally compelling as this one, but due to its length (almost 40 minutes) I prefer this EP. Musically there isn’t much difference from its predecessor: dark and all-consuming Death Metal with a thick Black Metal edge to it. The best musical comparison might be Spanish Teitanblood, it comprises the same rawness and impenetrable wall of sound that just hits you like a sledge hammer. A few hints of early Morbid Angel might also be noticed, especially when the music slows down a nod and it incorporates a few Azagthothian tremolo solos. But when they hit the gas pedal, it is all about that almost Australian War Metal-like madness, I am quite sure that these guys do like their piece of Bestial Warlust and the likes as well. No subtlety, no holding back; its crunching and grinding sound just pulverizes, just the way it was intended. It might not be the best band in the genre, but it offers just that what you are looking for if you are into bands like Teitanblood, Bestial Warlust, Archgoat and Angelcorpse.

Diabolic Oath

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Sentient Ruin Laboratories

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