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Decoherence – Decoherence [EP]

decoherence – decoherence [ep]

Imagine a boiling cauldron filled with souls begging for mercy while you’re stirring them. All of the sudden, the scorching contents burn through the bottom of the cauldron and otherworldly noises directly from hell override the scared screams. These noises consume the souls, the cauldron and finally you into the unimaginable void. If you can’t really imagine this whole scene, do yourself a favor and listen to the Decoherence’s self-titled debut (I honestly couldn’t find anything else by this band… although I hoped I would).

Apparently, Decoherence are a duo composed from a UKs musician Stroda, who handles all the writing. Recording and instrumentation, and a US musician Tahazu, who handles the vocals. On the other side, something we can be very certain about. Although their music had been thrown into the black metal category (it’s actually very funny how many things we don’t know how to describe gets thrown into this category), it’s better described  as annihilating aural terror.  There isn’t even a hint of anything similar to a melody, but there is a lot of unpleasant and frightening atmosphere, filled with dissonance. Pure darkness in a cup. And that’s a good thing! (Black Mary)