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Nothingness – Supraliminal

nothingness – supraliminal


In the review for Nothingness’ first self-released album, ‘The Hollow Gaze Of Death’, from 2019, my colleague was already positive about this USA based Death Metal band. But she wasn’t the only one as the album was quickly picked up and got a proper CD and cassette tape release shortly after. Yet, it took the band a bit of time to forge that albums follow up, but in the form of ‘Supraliminal’ it finally sees the light of day and through none other than Italy’s Death Metal purveyors, Everlasting Spew Records.

The music of this five-piece is best typified as rather standard guttural Death Metal that goes into chugging riffs, blubbery vocals and a dense production right into what is commonly labelled as “cavernous” Death Metal, or caverncore, if you will. To be honest, Nothingness is actually honouring their name with basically offering nothing – nothing in the sense of nothing special, nothing intriguing, nothing really brutal… The one-dimensionality also plays tricks over the entire running time of almost three quarters of an hour. Although they do provide some diversity in the form of a few melodies, some blasting bursts and a break here and there, but for the most part the album plods on in a swamp of gore.

But, frankly, that is most likely just what these guys were aiming for. And, fair enough, this is also a kind of Death Metal that saw its popularity grow over the past few years – though I think I start to see the “hype” already fade a little. Yet, within this frame of gory, guttural Death Metal that is characterized with that fully plastered wall of sound, Nothingness really got on their bikes as ‘Supraliminal’ offers just everything that this particular Death Metal subgenre needs.

The album is a little too static for my personal taste, but it can’t be denied that they have crafted a beast that obviously outdid their debut album. This will definitely appeal to those who like to dive into the caverns of Death Metal.


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